Table Eight

Precipitating Factors for Delirium

Common Causes of Delirium
Infection urine, lungs, skin, blood
Fluid disturbance dehydration, hypovolemia
Electrolyte disturbance sodium, potassium, magnesium
Nutrition malnutrition, thiamine deficiency, anemia
Cardiovascular angina, infarction, congestive heart failure
Central Nervous System stroke or ischemia, concussion
Elimination Problems urinary retention, constipation
Pulmonary hypoxia (eg: COPD exacerbation)
Gastrointestinal bleeding with anemia, C. difficile colitis
Medications narcotics, steroids, anticholinergic, NSAID
Over-the-counter medicines Gravol, Benadryl
Substance intoxication or withdrawal alcohol, sedative-hypnotics, narcotics


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